Viola Fizz flower, Lemon, Spring, Summer, Violets, The flowery-violet mocktail. This tastes best outdoors in warm weather, for example on a sunny flower meadow. Ingredients for 1 glass 2 cl Monin Violet Syrup 2 cl lemon juice 10 cl Rimuss Rosato Dry Decoration: Violets Accessories Glass Measuring cup Shaker Bar strainer Preparation Put some ice [...]
Bio Garden Signature Drink by: Korbinian Walker Apple, Cucumber, Gin, Lime, Mint, Mocktail-Workshop, Organic, Summer, This is how nature tastes. This organic mocktail can be made from 100% organic products and refreshes with its delicious naturalness. This non-alcoholic drink was created by experienced bartender Korbinian Walker for the Rimuss Mocktail Workshops. Ingredients for 1 glass [...]
Spring Fizz by Manuel Saladin Basil, Glace, Ice, Lemon, Nullpromille-Trophy, Sorbet, Sugar syrup, Summer, The exceptional winning mocktail of the 10th Null Promille Trophy by Bar-News in the category "Sparkling". The non-alcoholic cocktail was created by the young, talented bartender Manuel Saladin. Preparation for 1 glass 4 cl Seedlip Grove 42 3 tbsp lemon sorbet [...]
Tropical Splash Blue Curaçao, Peach, Summer, A rainbow of a mocktail. The Tropical Splash not only convinces with its colourfulness, but also tastes deliciously fruity. Preparation for 1 glass 1 Ice cube 15 cl Rimuss Litchi Perl 5 cl Peach juice 1.5 cl Blue Curaçao syrup Accessories Glass Preparation Pour ice into the glass, add [...]
Tropical punch Bowle, Pineapple, Strawberries, Summer, Give your aperitif a tropical flair with our alcohol-free Tropical Punch. Perfect for the hot summer days. Preparation for a jug of 1.5 l 1 Pineapple, in pieces 250 g Strawberries, in pieces 1 tablespoon Sugar 1 dl Rimuss Party 7.5 dl Rimuss Bianco Dry Accessories Glass Preparation Place [...]
Summer Wind Lemon, Lime blossom, Nectarine, Peach, Summer, This is what summer tastes like. This mocktail brings a true summer feeling to aperitifs in the cooler seasons. Preparation for 1 glass 3 cl Lime blossom syrup 1.5 cl Lemon juice 1 Ice cube 1 dl Rimuss Party 1 Nectarine or peach Accessories Glass Preparation Pour [...]
Nectarine strawberry Punch Bowle, Lemon blam, Nectarine, Strawberry, Summer, Vanilla, With our non-alcoholic nectarine-strawberry punch, you will delight all your guests at the next garden aperitif. In addition to the fruity nectarines and strawberries, vanilla, lemon balm and Rimuss Rosé provide a unique, fresh taste Preparation for 6 glasses 2 Nectarines, sliced 250 g Strawberries, [...]
Merano Currant, Peppermint, Summer, Currant juice is not only a healthy home remedy, but also tastes super delicious. Best when combined with a little Rimuss Party, as in our alcohol-free mocktail Merano. Ingredients for 1 glass 1 dl Rimuss Party 0.5 dl Blackcurrant juice 1 Ice cube Decoration: Peppermint leaves Accessories Glass Preparation Mix juices, [...]
Lavender Breeze Lavender, Lemon, Sugar water, Summer, Vast purple fields. The buzz of bees in the air. This extraordinary lavender mocktail catapults you straight to Provence in terms of taste. A real eye-catcher for your next aperitif. Ingredients for 1 glass A little Sugar water A few Dried lavender flowers A few Ice cubes 1.5 [...]
Gummy Bear Zero Gummy bear, Raspberries, Summer, Did you know that gummy bears can swim and dive? They love to do this in Rimuss Party, like in our alcohol-free drink Gummibärli Zero. Ingredients for 1 glass 2-3 Raspberry ice cubes 4-5 Red gummy bears 1.5 dl Rimuss Party Accessories Glass Preparation Put the ice cubes [...]