Welcome to the Rimuss children’s world.

Rimuss has been an extremely popular drink with young and old since 1954 and is a classic at every children’s birthday party. Here you can find great ideas for decorations, games and themes for your next children’s birthday party.

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When planning a great children’s birthday party, it’s easy to lose track of things. To make planning a little easier for you, we have created a checklist that is sure to make your party a complete success..

Tips & tricks for the children’s birthday parties

With our party checklist, planning your next children’s birthday party is child’s play..

It’s easy to plan a super themed children’s birthday party.

It’s easy to plan a fantastic themed children’s birthday party.

In our children’s party booklet you can find games, decoration tips and other ideas for six different themed children’s parties – each with a matching children’s drink with Rimuss.

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Great craft ideas for your next children’s party!

Whether with children or on your own, you can find great craft ideas for your next children’s birthday party here.

Fun games, activities and locations for your children’s birthday party!

Whether you want to celebrate your children’s birthday at home or are looking for a suitable birthday location.
you can find exciting ideas for games and activities for all ages.

Children’s birthday games

Whether indoors or outdoors, big or small, we have put together some great children’s birthday games for every location and age.

Locations & activities

Are you looking for a fun birthday activity or a special place to celebrate your children’s birthday?

Great giveaway ideas!

With these fantastic gifts, the little guests will remember the party for a long time to come.

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children’s party world

Hunting for treasure, standing in the ring or dancing around the campfire – Rimuss has been part of so many children’s birthday parties. Let us inspire you.

Pirate party

From invitations in a bottle to treasure hunts and much more. A true birthday classic.

Balloon party

Cool games with balloons and wonderfully colourful. The balloon party – a real blast.

Circus party

To be a clown or an artist for once. And perform together at the end. Ring free!

Princess and Prince Party

Who is the glitziest in the land? And who doesn’t want to be a prince or princess for once?

Wild west party

Discover new paths in the forest as a cowboy or an Indian. And toast with Rimuss around the campfire.

Farm party

Be one with nature, bake together or play an egg game. Farm parties are great fun.

Detective party

Follow the tracks. The best detective finds the hidden treasure during the scavenger hunt.

Dinosaur party

Whether T-Rex or Triceratops. All dinosaur fans will have great fun at this theme party!

Witch party

The perfect theme party for autumn, incl. magic potion and trickery.

Ocean party

Bring the Mediterranean feeling into your own living room with the cool sea party!

Stone Age Party

A Stone Age party like the Flintstones. The fun is set in stone.

Winter party

Whether in the snow or in a warm room, you can also have great parties in winter.

You can find all the details and ideas for the themed parties in our children’s party booklet.