Null Promille Trophy 2024 - 5. Platz Rimuss Mocktail Ride Alps

Ride Alps

Balsamico, Bitter, Nullpromille-Trophy, Rhubarb, Spring, Spritz, Summer, Syrup,

“Ride Alps” is a tangy cocktail creation by barkeeper Patrik Baur from the mobile Velo Bar Baur in and around Winterthur. Creamy balsamic vinegar, bittersweet Vincent aperitif and fruity-fresh rhubarb come together in this spritz.

Ingredients for 1 glass

4 cl Rimuss Rosato Dry
2 cl Morand rhubarb syrup
3 cl Vincent Aperitif Haecky
1 cl Balsamico Crema Coop
Decoration a cocktail picker for stirring


Champagne glass
Bar Strainer
Fine Strainer
Measuring jug / Jigger

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