Coole Mocktails und alkoholfreie Drinks auf einer Bar mit Rimuss Rosato Dry

Are Rimuss products vegan?

In fact, all Rimuss products are vegan with a best-before date of 11 July 2024 or later. Thanks to new filtration methods, the latest bottlings of Rimuss Bianco Dry and Rimuss Rosato Dry are also completely vegan.

Can you drink Rimuss if you are pregnant?

Even if you are pregnant, you don’t have to give up enjoying Rimuss. All Rimuss products are alcohol-free and therefore safe during pregnancy and also afterwards during breastfeeding.

How do I open a pop (champagne cork) correctly?

You can open a champagne cork as easily as possible by turning the bottle with one hand and holding the cork in position with the other. This way, the cork comes off more easily than if you pull directly on the cork.

Are the products suitable for Muslim believers?

All Rimuss products are alcohol-free and vegan. This means that they do not come into contact with animal products, such as gelatine, during production.

Are the products suitable for Jewish believers?

All Rimuss products are alcohol-free and vegan. This means that they do not come into contact with animal products, such as gelatine, during production.

What does naturally pure mean?

Naturally pure means that no sugar, sweeteners or artificial flavours are added to the grape juice and it is not made from concentrate.

Is there Rimuss juice from Switzerland?

The Moscato grapes, which are typical of the Rimuss flavour, only grow in very warm climates. For this reason, we source the basic juice for Rimuss from Italy. However, the processing of the basic juice, product finishing and bottling are carried out entirely in Switzerland.

Why is Rimuss so sweet? Has sugar been added?

The sweetness of the Rimuss products comes 100% from the natural fruit and grape sugar of the grape juice. No artificial sugar or sugar substitutes are added. The Rimuss range has many different varieties with varying degrees of sweetness. For those who like it classic but less sweet, for example, Rimuss Fresh with 40% less sweetness is ideal. Those who like it even drier are best served with the non-alcoholic sparkling wines Rimuss Bianco Dry or Rimuss Rosato Dry.

How do I close Rimuss again if I haven’t drunk the whole bottle straight away?

To ensure that the Rimuss remains delicious for as long as possible after opening, it is best to close it with a champagne stopper. This ensures that no air can escape from the bottle and the Rimuss stays nice and tingly. In addition, you should put the opened bottle in the fridge so that the juice quality does not suffer from the heat. With a champagne stopper and in the refrigerator, an opened bottle of Rimuss can still be enjoyed after a few days.

What does "alcohol-free" mean?

Beverages with an alcohol concentration of less than 0.5 percent by volume are considered “alcohol-free” in Switzerland. This minimum alcohol content is permissible because foods naturally or through the manufacturing process contain small amounts of alcohol. For example, in juices, kefir, sourdough bread, vinegar, sauerkraut, flavourings, jams and fruits. A ripe banana, for example, can contain up to 0.6 % alcohol by volume.

Rimuss Bianco Dry and Rimuss Rosato Dry contain dealcoholised wine. They have an average residual alcohol content of about 0.15 % vol and are therefore alcohol-free. To absorb the same amount of alcohol as a glass of sparkling wine, you would have to drink about 77 glasses of Rimuss Bianco Dry in the same time.