Rimuss – a traditional Swiss brand that connects people. Since 1954.

For generations, Rimuss has accompanied families in Switzerland, creating shared moments of joy at festive occasions such as birthdays, Christmas and Easter. From its origins as a family-made champagne, the brand has developed into a popular aperitif drink for every generation and every occasion.

The Rimuss story continues, with our brand values of ‘COURAGE, STYLE, ENJOYMENT OF LIFE and RESPECT’ playing a central role. One thing is certain: Rimuss belongs at every aperitif and connects people with non-alcoholic joie de vivre.

Every generation can find an alternative to alcohol with Rimuss. In order to provide this, we look ahead and are open to current trends and challenges. With new ideas and determination, we overcome resistance and connect people again and again – because with Rimuss, everyone really can raise a glass.

Those who want to enjoy, celebrate and toast in style can also do so alcohol-free thanks to Rimuss. We are constantly developing our grape juice creations, cultivating our image and confidently remaining true to our promise: Rimuss is a high-quality non-alcoholic alternative and an enrichment for every occasion.

With Rimuss, young and old can experience carefree, happy and enjoyable moments. To keep it that way, we develop and maintain our ‘aperitif culture’ with ideas, tips and recipes for every occasion. Whether it’s a birthday party, a formal business reception or a simple aperitif with friends, Rimuss connects the generations with joie de vivre.

Rimuss stands for conscious enjoyment and an honest, sparkling taste experience. We use only the best ingredients and process them exclusively in Switzerland under the highest quality criteria. The basis for every Rimuss is natural grape juice.

Almost 60 years of milestone after milestone.

The Rimuss story is full of exciting highlights. Perhaps one or two of the important milestones in our timeline will also bring back fond memories for you.





  • Jakob Rahm ist der Erste in Hallau, der veredelte, reblaus-resistente Reben anbaut und Drahtzuganlagen im Rebberg einführt. 1941
    1941 Jakob Rahm is the first in Hallau to cultivate grafted, phylloxera-resistant vines and introduces wire traction systems in the vineyard.
  • Die Anfänge – Jakob Rahm beginnt mit der Produktion von Hallauer Traubensaft. 1945
    1945 The beginnings - Jakob Rahm starts producing grape juice.
  • Traubenlese Familie Rahm beim «herbsten» 1946
    1946 Grape harvest
    Family Rahm at the "herbsten" (grape harvest).
  • Pasteurisation von Hallauer Traubensaft in den Anfängen des Unternehmens. 1948
    1948 Pasteurization of Hallau grape juice in the early days of the company.
  • Vertriebsname Rahm Traubensaft 1950
    1950 New distribution name
    The distribution is now running under the name Rahm Traubensaft.
  • Entwicklung des ersten Rimuss 1954
    1954 Rimuss
    Inspired by a researcher's idea to produce an alcohol-free mousseux, the 24-year-old Emil tries it out in the cellar and develops the first "Rimuss" in 1954. "Rimuss."
  • Rimuss Stand an der OLMA in den Anfangsjahren von Rimuss 1960
    1960 Stand at OLMA in the early years of Rimuss.
  • Rimuss Werbung 1960
    1960 Rimuss advertising in the early 60s
  • Rimuss Werbung 1965
    1965 Rimuss advertising in the mid 60s
  • Rimuss in Bügelflaschen 1968
    1968 Rimuss in swing-top bottles
    At the end of the 60s, rimuss was distributed in swing-top bottles.
  • Die Abfüllanlage von Rimuss 1969
    1969 Filling plant - This is how the filling plant of the Rimuss specialties in the 1960s.
  • Eine Rimuss Degustation 1971
    1971 A Rimuss tasting in the early 70s.
  • Ein alter Rimuss Lastwagen mit Logo 1974
    1974 Rimuss trucks in those days
    . The Rimuss trucks were branded early on.
  • Etikettierung von Rimuss Flaschen von Hand. 1977
    1977 Labeling of the rimuss bottles. In the days when the labeling of the bottles was still done by hand. Due to the great success of Rimuss, many people from Hallau often had to be called on to help.
  • Rimuss Printwerbung Anfang der 80er Jahre 1983
    1983 Rimuss print advertising in the early 80s
  • Der Rimuss Moscato heisst neu Rimuss Champion und wird in der Champagnerflasche angeboten. 1991
    1991 Rimuss Moscato becomes "Rimuss Champion", new in the champagne bottle.
  • Rimuss Print Werbung zum 50-Jahre Jubiläum 1995 mit Slogan "Mit Rimuss stossed alli ah"
    1995 «Mit Rimuss stossed alli aa!»
    The 50th anniversary of the Rimuss winery.
  • 1995 Neubau des Keltereigebäudes von Rimuss mit moderner Traubenannahme, schonenden Pressen und einem klimatisierten Gär- und Lagerkeller.
    1995 New construction of the wine press building with modern grape reception, gentle presses and an air-conditioned fermentation and storage cellar.
  • Rimuss Printwerbung mit überarbeitetem Logo 2007
    2007 «Mit Rimuss stossed alli aa!» Print advertising with revised logo.
  • Printwerbung des Rimuss Litch-Perl, welcher seit 2008 in der Champagner-Flasche angeboten wird
    2008 "Rimuss Litchi Perl"
    Rimuss Litchi Perl is now also offered in a champagne bottle. Print advertising in 2008.
  • Rimuss Print Werbung aus dem Jahre 2010
    2010 Rimuss print advertising
  • Lancierung des alkoholfreien Prosecco, Schaumwein: Rimuss Secco 2012
    2012 Introduction SECCO by Rimuss (today Bianco Dry)
  • Jubiläums Editionen des Rimuss Party zum 60-Jahre Jubiläum 2014
    2014 Anniversary - 60 years ago, the sparkling non-alcoholic grape juice was was developed by the then 24-year-old Emil Rahm.
  • Lancierung des ersten Rimuss in Vegan und Bio Qualität 2016
    2016 Launch of an organic Rimuss
    . The popular recipe of Rimuss has been available since 2016 also in organic and vegan quality.
  • Andrea Davaz, Geschäftsführer der Rimuss & Strada Wein AG
    2017 At the end of the year, the Davaz family of winegrowers from Fläsch take over the Rimuss- und Weinkellerei Rahm AG.
  • Lancierung des erfrischenden Rimuss Fresh 2019
    2019 Rimuss launches Rimuss Fresh:
    40% less sweet, full of flavor
  • Schöner Rebberg in Hallau im herbstlichen Abendlicht
    2019 Transformation into "Rimuss & Strada Wein AG" with the competence brands. "Rimuss" for non-alcoholic, sparkling fine grape juices and "Strada" for wines and sparkling wines.
  • Eine schwangere Frau und ein Skater stossen zusammen mit Rimuss an. Mit Rimuss stossen wirklich alle an
    2019 New appearance
    "Everyone really toasts with Rimuss."
  • Die Rimuss Flaschen in neuem Design seit 2020. Zum Apéro und darüber hinaus
    2020 The Rimuss classics in a new dress

“Rimuss & Strada Wein AG is one of the leading producers of grape juice and wine specialities in Switzerland. Our mission is to give consumers pleasure and enjoyment at different stages of their life and to connect generations by sharing a toast.”

Andrea Davaz

New owners, traditional quality principles.

“At the end of 2017, the Davaz family took over the Rimuss- und Weinkellerei Rahm AG. We come from Fläsch and are winemakers with heart and soul. Since the beginning of 2019, the traditional winery has been operating under the new name ‘Rimuss & Strada Wein AG’.

For us as a winegrowing family, the wine experience (with and without alcohol) is at the centre of our work. Since 1972, we have developed from a winery into a specialist in wine, sparkling wine and grape juice.

With pleasure in our craft, a lot of passion and a spirit of innovation, we consistently focus on the highest quality, from our own viticulture to vinification and the wine trade.”

Our principles – as a family and as a company

We concentrate on the essentials: on our strengths. We deliberately leave out the less important things.


We think in variations. Criticism moves us forward and leads to good solutions.

We work thoroughly, precisely, concretely and reliably.

Solution orientation
We promote an open, partnership-based and solution-oriented cooperation and leadership culture.

We live these values – as a family and as a company.


We put our faith in people and think of the next generation.


Proximity to production is the key to top quality.


We are open to new things and encourage innovation.


Nature is close to our hearts and we act sustainably.


We are service-minded and put our customers at the centre of what we do.


Transformation into ‘Rimuss & Strada Wein AG’ with the brands ‘Rimuss’ for non-alcoholic, sparkling grape juices and ‘Strada’ for wines and sparkling wines.

Takeover of Rimuss- und Weinkellerei Rahm AG by the Davaz winegrowing family from Fläsch.

Conversion of the general partnership into Rimuss- und Weinkellerei Rahm AG.

New construction of the wine press building with modern grape reception, gentle presses and an air-conditioned fermentation and storage cellar.

The sons Emil and Robert take over the company.

The local Hallauer is sold for the first time under the brand name ‘Graf von Spiegelberg’.

Jakob Rahm is the first in Hallau to cultivate grafted vines resistant to phylloxera and to introduce wire traction systems in his vineyard.

Grape juice: the true all-rounder.

Grape juice is pure nature: pure fruit juice with no added sugar, colourings or preservatives. Hardly any other drink has as much richness and harmony of taste as grape juice.

Fountain of youth
Grape juice protects and strengthens the digestive organs, especially the liver, kidneys and glands. The many trace elements trigger important chemical reactions in the body, which in turn strengthen the immune system.

Minerals and vitamins
In addition to vitamins B and C, grape juice also contains numerous minerals such as sodium, potassium and magnesium, as well as valuable polyphenols. Grape juice thus provides the body with antioxidant support, improves blood circulation, protects the blood vessels and keeps them elastic.

Rimuss – where the name comes from.

At the OLMA in 1954, the winery introduced a new, alcohol-free, sparkling product under the name ‘Ramouss’ (‘cream mousseux’). Before Christmas, however, the name had to be replaced because of the risk of confusion with a similar-sounding brand.

The search for a new name led to ‘Rimouss’, with ‘Ri’ referring to the grape varieties originally used (Riesling and Silvaner) and ‘mouss’ representing the pleasantly tingling bubbles.

Finally, the catchier and now widely known brand name ‘Rimuss’ emerged.

Excellent quality as standard.

Rimuss & Strada Wein AG pursues a strategy that focuses on enjoyment, quality and the customer experience. With clearly defined quality standards, the company produces the finest products, and does so at attractive prices.

Rimuss & Strada has decided to introduce a quality management system according to IFS requirements. IFS stands for International Featured Standards and is one of the most important certification systems in the food industry.

The standard primarily aims to guarantee food safety and quality, but also helps to optimise our own processes. In this way, the standard helps us to keep our promise of quality and to achieve the best possible price-performance ratio.

Naturally sustainable.

Climate protection is very close to our hearts at Rimuss & Strada Wein AG. For this reason, the company has been committed to sustainable climate protection since the 1980’s.

As early as 1985, a hot water solar system was installed on the roof of the production facility to use solar energy and save heating oil.

Since 2016, the company has participated in a voluntary climate protection and energy efficiency programme run by the Swiss government.

Various internal projects are currently underway with the aim of using renewable energies. In addition, all of our business activities are analysed and evaluated on the basis of ISO standard 26000 in order to make improvements across the entire value chain. One example is our commitment to sustainable agriculture with regard to organic farming and IP Suisse-certified production.

Hallo from Hallau.

Hallau is a picturesque village surrounded by vineyards in Schaffhausen’s Blauburgunderland. This is also where our work originated from 1945 onwards.

Founder Jakob Rahm-Huber, a true pioneer, laid the foundation of the business as early as 1928 by planting Hallau vineyards with hardy vines. Over the decades, this developed into a production company for wine and grape juice of national importance.

The exchange and relationship with local grape growers and the surrounding Blauburgunderland has always been important to us. They supply us with high-quality grape juices, just like their colleagues in the Zürcher Weinland and Bündner Herrschaft.

The best raw materials enable us to keep our promise of quality.

Visit Rimuss.

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