Der Mocktail "Havanera" mit Rimuss.


All year round, Carrot, GInger, Lemon, Mint, Nullpromille-Trophy,

The exceptional winning mocktail of the 11th Null Promille Trophy by Bar-News in the “Sparkling” category. The alcohol-free cocktail was created by the talented bartender John Márquez from the Zeughausbar in Uster.

Ingredients for 1 glass

1 cl lemon juice
2 cl ginger shrub
1 cl carrot juice
2 dashes mint flavouring
8 cl Rimuss Bianco Dry
Decoration: Carrots and mint


Glass (Sparkling wine flute)
Bar strainer
Measuring cup
Auf einem Tisch steht ein feiner Mocktail, gemacht mit Rimuss.

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