Mundus Vini award for Rimuss Sparkling Dry

Munuds Vini Prämierung Rimuss Sparkling Dry

Rimuss Sparkling Dry honoured at the Mundus Vini 2024 –

The Grand Non-Alcoholic Competition

Wow, we are very proud! Our products have won over the Mundus Vini jury. At this year’s MUNDUS VINI – The Grand Non-Alcoholic Competition, which took place for the second time, Rimuss Rosato Dry was awarded the gold medal and Rimuss Bianco Dry the silver medal. This is topped off with the “Best of Show Sparkling Rosé” award for Rimuss Rosato Dry!

We received the diplomas and the special award at Prowein in Düsseldorf, which took place from 11 March to 13 March 2024. What a great honour! We will stay tuned.

Rimuss Rosato Dry

Rimuss Bianco Dry