Herbs for delicious mocktails

It’s spring and therefore time for the garden again! The cheerful planting season begins. Which herbs will you have in your garden or on your balcony this year? To help you decide, we have put together a selection of fantastic spring herbs for you. You can use them to make delicious mocktails and enjoy spring to the full. Take a look at our mocktail recipes so that you are well prepared for your next aperitif in the garden or on the balcony.

Thymian mit Blüten. Eine gute Zutat für einen leckeren Mocktail.


A herb with many talents. In addition to its healing properties, thyme also has a unique flavour in the kitchen and in the bar. There are a variety of delicious mocktails with thyme as an ingredient. For example, our spritz grapefruit and thyme.

Ein Zweig Zitronenmelisse. Eine gute Zutat für einen leckeren Mocktail

Lemon balm

No herb garden should be without this versatile plant. In addition to tea, syrup or as a spice for food, lemon balm is excellent for non-alcoholic drinks and punch. For example in our nectarine-strawberry punch.



A key ingredient for one of the most famous drinks in the world: the mojito. If you also enjoy a sweet, minty refreshment in summer, you should definitely plant peppermint in your herb garden. If you prefer a non-alcoholic version, we also have a recipe for you: our Fresh Mess.

Ein Strauch Rosmarin. Eine gute Zutat für einen leckeren Mocktail.


Planting rosemary in your herb garden pays off several times over: firstly, you can use it to conjure up wonderful dishes, and secondly, you can also use it to make cool non-alcoholic drinks. For example, our Rosmary Love.

Ein Feld mit Lavendel. Eine gute Zutat für einen leckeren Mocktail.


A touch of Provence for your mocktails. Admittedly: Lavender is probably not the ingredient that springs to mind when you think of mocktails. But with the right combination, you can conjure up exceptional non-alcoholic drinks with this fresh, floral plant. Take our Lavender Breeze, for example.

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