Children’s Party Give-Away: Dress Up Rimuss Bottles

The different types of Rimuss are not only versatile in taste, but can also be dressed up as anything you like. No matter what the theme of your party is, you are guaranteed to find a suitable costume for your Rimuss. This way you can bring a lot of joy to the little guests at your party. Here are two ideas to inspire you.

Rimuss Fresh Piccolo as a cute rabbit

You need:

  • Several little bottles of Rimuss of the variety of your choice (available from us in the e-shop or from retailers).
  • Different coloured felt mats/paper sheets
  • Wiggle eyes
  • Cotton wool
  • Other craft materials (depending on the costume and ideas)
  • All-purpose glue (should stick to glass)
  • Scissors
  • Chalk pens (to draw on the felt)

Here’s how it works:

  • Choose an animal or other costume that fits your theme party. (e.g. for a farm theme party: a cow, a chicken or a pig).
  • Think about the best colours and shapes to use for the costume. (Tip: To test this, you can first cut out different shapes from scrap paper, hold them up to the bottle and then use the shapes that look best as templates).
  • Cut out the shapes from the felt mats/paper sheets and stick them together with the wiggle eyes in the appropriate place on the bottle.
  • Decorate the bottle with further details, such as craft cotton wool, glitter, ribbons, etc….

Additional tip: You can also think of a matching packaging for your bottle decoration. E.g. for a farm theme party: in a small jute bag filled with straw.

Rimuss Blanc Party as Santa Claus

We wish you a lot of fun creating


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