The different types of Rimuss are not only versatile in taste, but can also be dressed up as anything you like. No matter what the theme of your party is, you are guaranteed to find a suitable costume for your Rimuss. This way you can bring a lot of joy to the little guests at [...]
It's not only at home where you can celebrate great children's birthday parties. Cool experiences that will be remembered for a long time can be had at a wide variety of places in Switzerland. Farm A children's birthday party on the farm is an unforgettable experience for all guests. It gives children the opportunity to [...]
When planning a great children's birthday party, it's easy to lose track of everything. To make planning a little easier for you, we have created a checklist that is sure to make your party a complete success. 3 to 4 weeks before Draw up a guest list together with the child. Think about the theme [...]
A fun children's birthday party needs the right games. No matter how old your child is and whether their birthday is in winter, spring, summer or autumn, we have the right games for every age group and every occasion. How do I choose the right games for the children's birthday party? To make the children's [...]
Nowadays it is common to give the little guests something to take home with them. This way, the children will have something to remember your birthday party for even longer. But it's not that easy to come up with a great giveaway. That's why we've put together a give-away craft idea with our cool little [...]
Of course, nowadays you can quickly invite guests to your child's birthday party via Whatsapp or email. However, this is not very personal and creative. That's why we have put together 5 great ideas for invitations to a child's birthday party. This way, you can impress the invited guests before the party has even started. [...]