Spiced Ginger Autumn, GInger, Lemon, Pumpkin, The autumnal mocktail with pumpkin for all those who like it a bit spicy. Ingredients for 1 glass 4 cl Ginger Pumpkin Shrub 10 cl Rimuss Bianco Dry Decoration: Lemon zest Ginger Pumpkin Shrub 300 g pumpkin puree 90 g sugar 90 g apple cider vinegar 15 g ginger [...]
Dillime Autumn, Dill, Elder, Lime, Dill is the Swedish national spice. Dill can be used in many ways, both in the kitchen and as a medicinal plant. Of course, dill lovers don't have to miss out on dill in their non-alcoholic drinks. Therefore, we have developed this refreshing mocktail. Preparation for 1 glass 20 cl [...]
Spicy Cucumber Autumn, Cucumber, GInger, Smoothie, Our non-alcoholic drink Spicy Cucumber proves that cucumber is not only delicious in salads. Preparation for 1 Glass 2 Ice cubes 1/4 Cucumber, peeled A little Ginger, peeled 2 dl Rimuss Rosé Decoration: Cucumber wheels Accessories Glass Blender Preparation Puree everything in a blender and pour into the glass. [...]
Rimutmeg Autumn, Muscat, Oregano, Tomato, Worcester, If you like to drink tomato juice on the plane, you can also experience a real flight of fancy with our Rimuskat mocktail. Because in addition to tomato juice, nutmeg, oregano and Worcester sauce give this non-alcoholic drink that certain something. Ingredients for 1 glass 1.5 dl Rimuss Party [...]
Grenadine Drink Autumn, Grenadine, Pomegranate, If you like pomegranate, you should try our alcohol-free grenadine drink. The Rimuss Bianco Dry perfectly round offthe unique taste of pomegranate. Ingredients for 1 glass 50 cl Pomegranate ice tea 1/4 Pomegranate 1 dl Rimuss Bianco Dry Accessories Glass Preparation Pour the iced tea into a champagne glass. Remove the [...]