Children’s Party Give-Away with Rimuss Fresh 20cl

Nowadays it is common to give the little guests something to take home with them. This way, the children will have something to remember your birthday party for even longer. But it’s not that easy to come up with a great giveaway. That’s why we’ve put together a give-away craft idea with our cool little Rimuss Fresh that’s sure to delight all your guests.

You need:

  • Rimuss Fresh 20cl (available in our e-shop), depending on the number of children.
  • Washi-Tape
  • Glitter glue, stickers or whatever you like or fits the theme of the party
  • Scissors
  • Nice ribbon
  • Sandwich paper bags or fabric bags
  • Felt tip pens or textile pens
  • Sweets (e.g. sweets, jelly bears, lollipops, etc.) or other gifts (e.g. bath salts, cool stickers, small stamps, etc.) as required – you may be able to adapt these to the party theme.

Here’s how:

Label the sandwich paper bags or fabric bags with the names of the party guests. Then decorate the paper bags or fabric sacks as you like. For example, with washi tape, glitter glue, beautiful stickers or foam rubber. If you have a party theme, you can adapt the decoration of the bags to it.
Fill the decorated bags with Rimuss Fresh 20cl and with sweets or other gifts.
Close the bag with the fabric ribbon – and you’ve got a great present for the party guests.

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