Rimuss Mocktail Workshops

Learn to mix like a pro!

In our mocktail workshops, an experienced bartender shows you how to make great non-alcoholic drinks yourself and what to look out for.

The new bar trend: mocktails!

Alcohol-free drinks are not just a passing trend. On well-curated cocktail menus, you can find increasingly sophisticated mocktail recipes. The range of possible mixed drinks has also increased in recent years and gained in complexity. Today, you don’t just mix different syrups and juices, but also have a choice of non-alcoholic spirits or wines for the preparation of non-alcoholic cocktails.

What will you learn at the workshop?

In our mocktail workshops you will learn the bar craft from a professional bartender. Examples are used to explain what to look out for when preparing the drink. When should the glass be pre-chilled? When do you shake and when do you stir? Which ingredients are particularly suitable for cool mocktails? These and many other questions will be explained at the workshop.

Is the Mocktail Workshop something for you?

Do you like to drink great drinks, but are often on the road by car or don’t drink alcohol for other reasons? Then by all means! The enjoyment of tasty cocktails does not have to be tied to alcohol consumption. This workshop will demonstrate that with great drinks. And the best thing about it: You’ll learn how to make your own great mocktail recipes at home and what you need to do it.

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After the success of the Mocktail Workshops in 2022, we are expanding! In 2023, we will offer the Mocktail Workshops in several Swiss cities and on several dates. You can find all the dates below. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram so you don’t miss out when new dates are announced! (The mocktail workshops will be held in German)

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