Nogroni Sbagliato Bitter, Grapes, Negroni, Orange, Vermouth, Negroni also works without. Especially in the sparkling wine version Negroni Sbagliato. A classic cocktail without alcohol. Preparation for 1 glass 3 cl Monin bitter syrup 3 cl grape juice or non-alcoholic vermouth 10 cl Rimuss Bianco Dry Decoration: orange zest Accessories Glass Measuring cup Shaker Bar strainer [...]
Citrus Kick All year round, Grapes, Lemon, Orange, Vanilla, Give yourself a kick of energy with our citrus mocktail Citrus Kick. A cool, fruity refreshment for you and your friends. Preparation for 1 jug of approx. 2 litres 7.5 dl Rimuss Champion Moscato 5 dl Sparkling mineral water 2 Oranges 1 Lemon 16 g Vanilla [...]