Rosmary Love GInger, Ginger Ale, Rosemary, Spring, Have you also planted rosemary in your herb garden? Then it's high time you tried our extraordinary Mocktail Rosmary Love. Preparation for 1 Glass 1 Rosemary sprig 10 cl Water 10 cl Ginger ale 10 cl Rimuss Bianco Dry Accessories Glass Tea strainer Preparation Bring the rosemary and [...]
Ginger Spring Ginger Ale, Lime, Spring, Simple, but delicious. A little lime, a little ginger ale, add some Rimuss Rosé and you have a delicious mocktail for your next aperitif. Try it out! Ingredients for 1 glass 1 Lime of it 1 cl Lime Juice 1 dl Rimuss Rosé 1 dl Ginger ale Decoration: Lime [...]
Adult Candy All year round, GInger, Ginger Ale, Hazelnut, Lemon, Even adults like to have a sweet treat now and then. This mocktail is proof of that. A good mix between hazelnut and ginger notes produces an exceptional flavour. Ingredients for 1 glass 5 cl Rimuss Champion Moscato 1 cl Hazelnut syrup 1 cl Lemon [...]