Spiced Ginger Autumn, GInger, Lemon, Pumpkin, The autumnal mocktail with pumpkin for all those who like it a bit spicy. Ingredients for 1 glass 4 cl Ginger Pumpkin Shrub 10 cl Rimuss Bianco Dry Decoration: Lemon zest Ginger Pumpkin Shrub 300 g pumpkin puree 90 g sugar 90 g apple cider vinegar 15 g ginger [...]
Rimuss Party Buck Signature Drink by: Korbinian Walker All year round, Lime, Mandarin, Mocktail-Workshop, A party can also be held without alcohol! Especially with our Rimuss Party, which is the namesake for this refreshing mocktail. This alcohol-free drink was created by the experienced bartender Korbinian Walker for the Rimuss Mocktail Workshops. Ingredients for 1 glass [...]
Daddy-Still-Cool All year round, Gin, Nullpromille-Trophy, Rhubarb, The 4th placed mocktail of the 11th Null Promille Trophy by Bar-News in the category "Sparkling". The non-alcoholic cocktail was created by the talented bartender Luca Huber | Bar am Wasser, Zurich. Ingredients for 1 glass 5 cl Gin Alternative (Rebels 0.0 %) 1 cl Aperitivo Vibrante (Martini) [...]
Recuérdame All year round, Grapefruit, Honey, Nullpromille-Trophy, Thyme, The 2nd placed mocktail of the 11th Null Promille Trophy by Bar-News in the category "Sparkling". The non-alcoholic cocktail was created by the talented bartender John Pinzon | Südbar, St. Gallen, St. Gallen Ingredients for 1 glass 4 cl Spiced Cane Dark Roast (Fluère) 3 cl Tausendsassa [...]
Cold Elderberry Elder, Lemon, Orange, Winter, Even without snow: This fruity-fresh mocktail refreshes and surprises with a wide range of flavors. And the best thing about it: the mocktail is very easy to prepare and quickly ready. Ingredients for 1 glass 6 cl Rimuss Bianco Dry 1.5 cl elderberry syrup 1 cl lemon juice 2cl [...]
Tropical punch Bowle, Pineapple, Strawberries, Summer, Give your aperitif a tropical flair with our alcohol-free Tropical Punch. Perfect for the hot summer days. Preparation for a jug of 1.5 l 1 Pineapple, in pieces 250 g Strawberries, in pieces 1 tablespoon Sugar 1 dl Rimuss Party 7.5 dl Rimuss Bianco Dry Accessories Glass Preparation Place [...]
Gummy Bear Zero Gummy bear, Raspberries, Summer, Did you know that gummy bears can swim and dive? They love to do this in Rimuss Party, like in our alcohol-free drink Gummibärli Zero. Ingredients for 1 glass 2-3 Raspberry ice cubes 4-5 Red gummy bears 1.5 dl Rimuss Party Accessories Glass Preparation Put the ice cubes [...]
Grenadine Drink Autumn, Grenadine, Pomegranate, If you like pomegranate, you should try our alcohol-free grenadine drink. The Rimuss Bianco Dry perfectly round offthe unique taste of pomegranate. Ingredients for 1 glass 50 cl Pomegranate ice tea 1/4 Pomegranate 1 dl Rimuss Bianco Dry Accessories Glass Preparation Pour the iced tea into a champagne glass. Remove the [...]
Fruité carambole All year round, Carambole, Lemon, Star fruit, With this alcohol-free drink, you won't see any stars, except in your glass and only in the form of the star fruit Carambole. A fruity, exotic refreshment. Ingredients for 1 glass 2 Slices of star fruit 1 tablespoon Lemon Syrup 1 1/2 dl Rimuss Fruité Accessories [...]
Be my Princess cold, Plum, Sugar hearts, Valentine's Day, The mocktail for all lovebirds. Surprise your loved one with this hearty, non-alcoholic drink, for example on Valentine's Day. Ingredients for 1 glass 1 Scoop of plum sorbet 15 cl Rimuss Rosato Dry Decoration: Sugar hearts Accessories Glass Preparation Pour the sorbet into the glass, top [...]