Party Planning Checklist

When planning a great children’s birthday party, it’s easy to lose track of everything. To make planning a little easier for you, we have created a checklist that is sure to make your party a complete success.

Draw up a guest list together with the child.

Think about the theme for the children’s birthday party.

Set the date and time.

Make invitations for the children’s birthday party.

Distribute invitation cards.

Draw up a final guest list after acceptances and cancellations.

Think about game ideas for the children.

Make decorations together with the child (e.g. name tags).

Draw up a preliminary shopping list.

Do the shopping (don’t forget the decorations and gifts).

Organise/buy material for games.

Write down the game sequences on cards.

Draw up a timetable for the party.

 Check that the first aid kit is complete.

If necessary, ask the parents of the guests for further help for the children’s birthday party.

Childproofing the premises.

Decorate the house.

Send the birthday child to bed especially early so that he or she is well rested.

Last purchases of fresh produce in the morning.

Prepare all fresh food and rimuss punch.

Chill drinks.

Set table before guests arrive.

Hang up waste bags.

Have painting and craft materials ready.

Distribute gifts for guests.

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