Winter Butterfly

Signature Drink by: Korbinian Walker
Christmas, Lemon, Mocktail-Workshop, Protein, Quince, Vanilla, Winter,

You don’t really see butterflies in winter, but this mocktail also gives wings in the cold season with its delicious, wintry taste. This non-alcoholic drink was created by experienced bartender Korbinian Walker for the Rimuss Mocktail Workshops.

Ingredients for 1 glass

5cl Siegfried Wonder Oak
4cl lemon juice
1cl Monin Organic Vanilla Syrup
1bs quince jelly
3 dashes Fee Brothers Fee Foam
Top Rimuss Bianco Dry
Decoration: Citrus zest & milled Christmas spices


Glass (coupette)
Measuring cup
Bar strainer
Bar spoon

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