Rimuss alkoholfreie Bowle Nektarine Erbeere

Nectarine strawberry Punch

Bowle, Lemon blam, Nectarine, Strawberry, Summer, Vanilla,

With our non-alcoholic nectarine-strawberry punch, you will delight all your guests at the next garden party. In addition to the fruity nectarines and strawberries, vanilla, lemon balm and Rimuss Rosé provide a unique, fresh taste.

Preparation for 6 glasses

2 Nectarines, sliced
250 g Strawberries, sliced
100 g Sugar
1 Vanilla pod, pulp scraped out
3 Lemon balm sprigs
6 Wooden skewers
1 l Sparkling mineral water
7 dl Rimuss Rosé


Wooden skewer
Rimuss alkoholfreie Bowle Nektarine Erbeere

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