Der Mocktail "Daddy-Still-Cool".


All year round, Gin, Nullpromille-Trophy, Rhubarb,

The 4th placed mocktail of the 11th Null Promille Trophy by Bar-News in the category “Sparkling”. The non-alcoholic cocktail was created by the talented bartender Luca Huber | Bar am Wasser, Zurich.

Ingredients for 1 glass

5 cl Gin Alternative (Rebels 0.0 %)
1 cl Aperitivo Vibrante (Martini)
3 cl Rhubarb Cordial Mixer (Shake-It)
6 cl Rimuss Bianco Dry
Decoration: Rhubarb, salt


Glass (Tumbler)
Stirring glass
Measuring cup
Bar spoon
Der schön, verzierte Mocktail "Daddy-Still-Cool" mit Rimuss.

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