Pink Pepper Berry Signature Drink by: Korbinian Walker All year round, Bitter, Gin, Mocktail-Workshop, Pepper, Sour, medium Sour Spicy Rosato Dry Pepper only belongs on food? You thought wrong! This delicious mocktail shows how well pepper flavour can also fit into a drink. This non-alcoholic cocktail was created by experienced bartender Korbinian Walker for the [...]
La Java All year round, Gin, Lemon, Nullpromille-Trophy, Pepper, Rosemary, Difficult Sour Spicy Bianco Dry The 5th placed mocktail of the 11th Null Promille Trophy by Bar-News in the category "Sparkling". The non-alcoholic cocktail was created by the talented bartender Loïc Buchs | Oh My Gin, Geneva. Ingredients for 1 glass 6 cl Ceder's Wild [...]