Rosalina Bitter, Grapefruit, Lemon, Nullpromille-Trophy, Orange, Spring, Spritz, Summer, Syrup, medium Bitter fruity sweet Rosé For kids The "Rosalina" mocktail by bartender Antonio Villani from the Blue Cocktail Bar in Derendingen impresses with its freshness and fruitiness paired with slightly bitter notes. Ingredients for 1 glass 5 cl Martini alcohol free Vibrante 1 cl fresh [...]
Pink Dragon Dragon fruit, Honey, Lavender, Lemon, Nullpromille-Trophy, Spring, Summer, Syrup, medium fruity Spicy sweet Rosato Dry For kids Praveen Paul from the Lakeview Bar & Cigar Lounge in the Hotel Bürgenstock in Obbürgen won the 13th Nullpromille Trophy with his creative drink. In the Sparkling category, his mocktail "Pink Dragon" impressed the jury the [...]
Rosemary Spritz Lemon, MetaHiltebrand, Rosemary, Spritz, Syrup, Easy Spicy sweet Bianco Dry The delicious mocktail recipe for the autumn aperitif by Meta Hiltebrand. Preparation for 1 glass 4 cl homemade rosemary syrup A few ice cubes Top: Rimuss Bianco Dry Decoration: Rosemary sprig Rosemary syrup: 30 cl Rimuss Bianco Dry 30 cl water 1 lemon, [...]
Smurf's choice All year round, Blue Curaçao, Kaffir, Lemon, Nullpromille-Trophy, medium Sour Spicy Bianco Dry The 4th placed mocktail of the 12th Nullpromille Trophy by Bar-News in the category "Sparkling". The non-alcoholic cocktail was created by the talented bartender Praveen Paul, Lakeview Bar & Cigar Lounge, Hotel Bürgenstock, Obbürgen. Ingredients for 1 glass 4 cl [...]
Be Mango All year round, Honey, Lemon, Mango, Nullpromille-Trophy, medium fruity sweet Bianco Dry Michael Duc from the Atelier Classic Bar Thun is the deserved winner of the 12th Nullpromille Trophy in the "Sparkling" category. He convinced the jury with his creative mocktail "Be Mango". Ingredients for 1 glass 3 cl Lyres Italian Spritz 3 [...]
Rimuss 75 All year round, French 75, Gin, Lemon, Sugar syrup, medium Sour sweet Bianco Dry The French 75 is a classic among the champagne and sparkling wine cocktails. Of course, it can also be enjoyed perfectly alcohol-free with Rimuss Bianco Dry. Preparation for 1 glass 4 cl Non-alcoholic gin 2 cl Lemon juice 1 [...]
Viola Fizz flower, Lemon, Spring, Summer, Violets, medium Sour sweet Rosato Dry The flowery-violet mocktail. This tastes best outdoors in warm weather, for example in a sunny flower meadow. Ingredients for 1 glass 2 cl Monin violet syrup 2 cl Lemon juice 10 cl Rimuss Rosato Dry Decoration: Violets Accessories Glass Measuring cup Shaker Bar [...]
Spiced Ginger Autumn, GInger, Lemon, Pumpkin, Easy Sour Spicy Bianco Dry Pumpkin and ginger combined in a spicy, fresh and hot mocktail. This autumnal mocktail spices up any aperitif and is ideal for those who like it hot and spicy. Ingredients for 1 glass 4 cl Ginger pumpkin shrub 10 cl Rimuss Bianco Dry Decoration: [...]
Winter Butterfly Signature Drink by: Korbinian Walker Christmas, Lemon, Mocktail-Workshop, Protein, Quince, Vanilla, Winter, Difficult Creamy Spicy Bianco Dry You don't really see butterflies in winter, but this mocktail also gives wings in the cold season with its delicious, wintry taste. This non-alcoholic drink was created by experienced bartender Korbinian Walker for the Rimuss Mocktail [...]
Blossom All year round, Gin, Lemon, Nullpromille-Trophy, Rose, Violets, medium Sour sweet Bianco Dry The 6th placed mocktail of the 11th Null Promille Trophy by Bar-News in the category "Sparkling". The non-alcoholic cocktail was created by the talented bartender Vithusan Somasundaram | Hafebar / Vini Al Grappolo, Solothurn. Ingredients for 1 glass 3 cl Swiss [...]